Flint, MI

Flint, MI


7.5 bottles = 1 gallon


it's up to us to supply flint with water...

Our goal is to collect 12,500 bottles of water. Come plastic water bottles, glass water bottles, 5 gallon jugs or pallets of water - donate drinking water, cooking water, washing clothes water, teeth brushing water - if it's clean water we want it!

Join us now on our critical mission to help keep families in Flint as healthy as possible. Water is NOT a gift, water is a human right! It's up to us to step in where those who should have done the right thing fell off. We WILL get water to those in need because THEY ARE STILL IN NEED OF WATER! 

Join us on our devastating journey as we go in on the ground level to Flint in 2018. We will be sharing stories, videos and going to Flint on June 7th AND July 7th, 2018. We will tap into the areas that can't always get to distribution centers and families who can't survive off of the few cases of water per week, the people who have to pay for their water bills, their poison water bills. We are asking you to help us keep clean water in Flint by any means necessary!